ACCEPT ME! Complete me

People often ask how others are soo strong. How are they able to keep it together soo well during every obstacle that is thrown their way.

When the truth is, they’re just doing what needs to be done. Underneath lies feelings of ruptured pain. Tiredness, thoughts of the what-ifs. What if they just leave everything and everyone behind? What if they try to start over, and they fail? What if they just stay and fight harder? The real question is, what keeps them going? Most importantly, how do they manage to push on more fierce than ever?

Many questions of which can be easily answered by simply getting to know a person. You see, humans have biochemistry. That alone will help you decipher other elements and chemistry around you. Such as pain, fear, happiness, and sadness, just to mention a few. I hear every so often that people need to start giving people their roses while they’re still here on earth instead of waiting until they’re in the grave. And I’m sure if you’ve ever heard that, you’d know like I know it’s just a figure of speech. See, people will run to the sound of drama and turmoil. Yet hide in silence and ignore the presence of success and happiness. Leaving the happy ones feeling as if they’re the ones doing wrong and the wrong ones are doing good. So then people learn to celebrate their selves and their own good doings alone.

Then, others start to feel a certain way about them as if they wanted to be that way. The reality of it all is that they’d love to scream and shout with glee. Have group outings. Celebrate in numbers. And go home to the ones that they’d feel most safe with. But they have been left with no often more than to be alone and find ways to keep pushing along on their own. Supposedly, when one does good, then good things shall find them. But what’s the point of having even the greatest things in the world with no one to share them with? So everyone, please take the time today to try to be that good thing that finds it way into someone’s life. It’s okay to share a good moment with others, even if your world is falling apart. Because today it may be them and tomorrow it’ll be you with the time of glory.


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Hello wonderful people. I am a heart felt writer. I also love to talk. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them 😁. Feel free to engage.

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