Our own identities

Most of our lives we’ll find ourselves living to help others. Whether it’s family friends lovers pets or even strangers.

Countless times one may find themselves putting any and maybe everyone else needs and wants above their own. Quite frankly it’s amazing to be in the predicament to be able to help others. It also makes you an amazing person with a humongous heart ❤.

Butttt…. yeap there’s always a but. What happens when you’re alone and no one else is there? Now I know some may say they have a huge support system, many friends, a significant other and the list may continue. They may support you emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially. That’s absolutely amazing. However with or without that support I still feel as if at some point many people will still have a moment or even a second of loneliness. And more often than not it may come from the fact that a situation you’re going through you may feel others can’t relate to you.

So what happens then? How do you cope? The first step should begin with getting in tune with yourself. Actually sit down and figure out what it is that you like. True story someone asked me what’s my favorite things to do, favorite meal, and favorite TV shows. Well my answers all revolved around things I like to do with my children. Yikes! Then I sat down and thought harder and the answer was I didn’t know.

I do believe that’s why it’s so hard for many people to be alone. You get used to repetition of routines, and when that disappears you feel lost. I mean it’s not far fetched. Think about a job you’ve worked for years and put your heart, sweat and tears into, then boom you get fired. Or a marriage that lasted years then suddenly a divorce. Or for the parents the empty nest syndrome.

That’s why I believe others should always be an addition to you and your life. It’s not to say you’re any less of a caring person. But you’re going to have to start incorporating things for yourself in your life. Now go on and explore to see what it is that makes you who you really are. If need be take that step alone. You’ll be both surprised and happy with your end results. Then maybe the next time someone ask you about yourself you’ll say without a doubt what defines you. #Selfcare.


Published by Dhonesty

Hello wonderful people. I am a heart felt writer. I also love to talk. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them 😁. Feel free to engage.

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