Does giving up make you weak and staying mean you’re strong?

I’m sure everyone has had a day or million where they want to just say screw this shhhi…..nanagins lol. Then go back and forth with the decision of whether they’re going to walk away or just try harder the next day.

As time goes by one or two things end up happening. You either adapt to the situation or deep down have that gut feeling that it’s time to part ways. However more times than not something keeps you sticking around. I’m sure we all can come up with reasons why. Here’s where the “but” comes in at. But, but, but…. it’s beneficial due to money or it’s for the kids or maybe things will change and the main one what will I do next.

Well I can think of a few things. Maybe, start with having more faith in your self. Know and believe that you’re more than capable of maneuvering through obstacles. But don’t stop there. Use those obstacles to your advantage. Don’t settle! No doubt that it might actually be easier to walk away, and it sometimes take more strength to stick around and make things work. But is that really true? Over and over again that saying pops up that only the strong survive. Heck I’m strong enough to carry two arms, two shoulders, and sometimes a neck full of groceries in the house. No 2nd trips lol.

Yet, still can’t manage to open a jar of pickles without almost breaking my wrist. Clearly strength comes in different forms lol. So the answer to my original question is…….. drum roll, belly roll, tootsie roll please……….

Leaving doesn’t make you weak while staying makes you strong. Nor does staying make you weak and leaving makes you strong. Sounds confusing, a little contradicting, or maybe even tricky right? It’s really not though. Quite simple actually. How much one can tolerate will eventually be the final determination of what choice you should make. When the time comes you will know. Just make sure you don’t let fear over shadow your choice. Also please don’t let others make the decision for you. Take in what they say and use it as part of your evaluation of course. But, you make the final say so. Happiness can differ from person to person. So what shall your joyful destiny be?


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