Loved or Lusted?

What are people’s real intentions, is a question many people ponder. Do they really love you or just love the idea of you? Will it be long jevity or a temporary meaningless waste of time. How can one tell?

First let’s start with what defines love. Well some people feel as if it’s defined by the actions you show one during each aspects of life. Then it goes deeper into being in love. As some say; you can love without being in love. So if to love is to prove without a doubt a person is of an upmost importance in your life. Then to be in love would mean there’s a connection deeper within your soul that makes you feel lifeless with even the thought of not having that person be a part of your life. So now what is lust then, and does it even matter? I mean it is just a desire after all isn’t it?

The defined meaning of lust is, to have a strong sexual desire for someone. Now I’ve heard lusting is bad. But isn’t loving incorrectly as equally horrible? The way I view it is there’s things in life you want and then there’s things in life you need. Sometimes the necessities are overshadowed by our yearning of luxuries.

How many times do people say they’re grateful yet feel the need to show it? Not because they really aren’t but because they really are appreciative and feel as if that should be enough. Some of the basic survival needs are: air, food, water, shelter, clothing and safety. We become accustomed to these things and having them just becomes a part of life. Yet when we lose them we begin to realize how much more important they were to us and start to show more gratitude. Now let us get a new car, jewelery, a fancy house, alot of money or an all paid expense vacation. We’d probably be smiling ear to ear, super excited, dancing, and maybe even start showboating.

In relationships many times. Our feelings resemble just the same as our wants and needs. The beginning is filled with lust and wants. Years down the line comes the love and needs. Which is why some say the honeymoon phase is over. Yes one may know you love them but still feel so empty because they miss the extra mile you once went to show them in the beginning. So when it comes to loving and lusting do both. Keep that same energy you started with. Everytime you see your significant other act like it’s a million dollar ticket to that luxurious lifestyle you always wanted. Because at the end of the day you may not get that million but you did get that special person who chose to be a part of you with or without the upscaled life you always dreamed of.


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