Is being “real” too much?

I am the capitalized Queen of keeping it 💯. Don’t ask me to tell you the truth because I may or may not be able to control what will come out of my mouth next.

I’m all team you. The you being whomever I’m close with. Whether it be family or friends. And I will definitely always be your biggest fan girl. If you work at a fast food restaurant I’m going to tell you: There is no me without you and the food you cook to keep my life substained. Seriously we have to eat to survive and I’ll willingly admit I’m not going to be over a stove, oven, air fryer, or microwave after even stepping a toe at my job. Even if it was just for a 30 minute meeting.

Here’s the tricky part of being too real though. One can be real…….. brutal, mean, unforgiving, nonchalant, fierce, biased, selfish and abusive. The list can go on longer than the baby hairs us women try to save after getting braids and sew-ins. Longer than a man’s list of “auditions” before he finally settle down. But that’s a topic for another day.

Now this is where self reflection comes in at. That moment you were being so authentic at what cost was it? How did you feel afterwards? What about the other person? And if you’re one of those I don’t care people then you may be just a tad bit more stubborn than me lol. But if you don’t care about anything else what about your energy?

It’s true that you receive the same energy that you put into the universe. Ok I’m not a scientist but that did sound good to me 😅 and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that somewhere before. And I’m all about conserving my energy. Give me 5 minutes anywhere anytime and I’ll show you…..

Nap over 😴. Ok back to reality here. I always say live life in the moment. So at that very next moment you get that you could be keeping it real with someone just make sure it’s well spent. Cause one thing is for sure, seconds turn into minutes then minutes turn into decades. Interactions turn into memories. As time pass us all by at some point those memories will be what we use as reflections of our life. Ok I’m sure I’ve taken up way too much of your time already. So until next time my gracious peeps 😉.


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Hello wonderful people. I am a heart felt writer. I also love to talk. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them 😁. Feel free to engage.

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